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2020 官網升級中!現在您訪問官網的瀏覽器設備分辨率寬度低于1280px

Kaiyan News

One click repair 2020 belongs to your cow

Time: 2021-01-13

One click repair 2020 belongs to your cow
Taurus Primula sends off 2020 under the haze of the epidemic and ushers in a new 2021.

the path was covered with grass and thorns ? come together through thick and thin

The global epidemic in 2020 is a great challenge to all enterprises and employees. All employees of Kaiyan machinery overcome many difficulties, actively take a number of self-help actions, practice internal skills and strengthen training, and constantly improve their comprehensive quality.

With the joint efforts of all employees, the company not only achieved the expected performance this year, but also made a breakthrough in the application of products in the nuclear industry and military industry. We will unswervingly continue to take “safe peers, innovation and win-win” as the purpose, unremittingly advocate and fulfill the corporate social responsibility, and ensure the safety of industrial equipment and personnel’s life by promoting continuous product innovation. Every achievement embodies everyone’s sweat and wisdom. On the new journey, we set sail hand in hand and start again.

Mutual achievement??PackReady to go

Near the end of the year, the epidemic did not disperse. The epidemic isolated the excitement of the annual meeting, but did not isolate the strong friendship of Kaiyan people. Kaiyan machinery has carefully held induction commemorative activities for all employees, and specially prepared a number of exquisite New Year gifts, including: ? Thermos mug, Samsonite suitcase, backpack, etc.

We prepared our travel bags again and began a new journey.

Live up to youth??Only Struggle

Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared, and only when they are ready can they meet higher and stronger challenges.

Let’s embrace the new year with the determination of the striver and the attitude of the dreamer, join hands with diligence, make the performance rise, always maintain the enterprising and innovative spirit, and strive to push the company’s development strategy to a new stage.

I wish you all:

Happy New Year! Happy family!

Work smoothly! bullish

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