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Kaiyan News

Join hands with Engineering Alliance passion golf green

Time: 2021-06-18

On June 18, 2021, the monthly regular competition of Engineering Alliance (EGA) golf team opened smoothly in the beautiful Shanghai Dongzhuang Coast Golf Club and Shanghai Linx golf club. As one of the title sponsors of the competition, the representative of Kaiyan machinery marketing department attended and witnessed the wonderful golf competition and award ceremony.

The Engineering Alliance (EGA) golf club gathers the national elite talents in the field of chemical industry, carries forward the unique culture of golf, and practices the golf spirit of personal self-discipline, self-cultivation and challenge. Kaiyan mechanical valve safety products have long served the chemical industry. Every event organized by Engineering Alliance (EGA) has built a platform for us to communicate and learn from elites.


We are here to say goodbye to the tedious work and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers. EGA ball friends communicate and interact, sublimate their emotions in the communication and transfer their friendship in the interaction. Swing with passion and release. Competition and harmony, friendship and cooperation.

For more information about Kaiyan machinery, please visit the official website of Kaiyan machinery at www.best-seo-solution.com

WeChat official account: Kai Yan machinery

Tel: 021-647240 (Ministry of Commerce)

Email: sales@kaiyanjx.com

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