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Kaiyan News

Ready to go and paint wonderful — Kaiyan 2017 orientation party

Time: 2017-01-14

With the passage of time and the change of years, the busy 2016 has passed in the twinkling of an eye, and the expected 2017 is coming to us. The new year carries new hope and writes a new chapter in the new year. The 2017 Spring Festival Gala and commendation meeting of Shanghai Kaiyan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. was held in Kempinski Hotel, Lujiazui, Shanghai on January 14. The company’s leaders and all employees participated in the annual meeting and gala dinner, and jointly wished Kaiyan a better future!

At the party, manager Zhong of the company delivered a new year’s greeting, reviewed the major achievements made in 2016, affirmed and encouraged the efforts and efforts of all departments of the company, and put forward the new development direction and objectives of the company in 2017.

The theme of this orientation party is “ready to go, wonderful painting together”, which means that Shanghai Kaiyan brand has accumulated strength, accumulated a little, kept pace with the times, innovated and won-win. At the creative and passionate party, the company commended the advanced employees with outstanding performance in 2016 and awarded the “management progress award”, the “Lion Award” and “cheetah Award” of the sales department, the “best sharing Award” and the “little bee Award”. The positive spirit of Kaiyan employees not only boosts morale, but also brings colleagues closer to each other.

Shanghai Kaiyan company will continue to expand its service team, continuously improve after-sales service, join hands with customers in China’s power, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries, implement the concept of safe production from beginning to end, control the probability of accidents in the power industry to the lowest, and benefit the country and the people.

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