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2020 官網升級中!現在您訪問官網的瀏覽器設備分辨率寬度低于1280px


Corporate News Industry News Employee Dynamics


Join hands with Engineering Alliance passion golf green

On June 18, 2021, the monthly regular competition of Engineering Alliance (EGA) golf team opened smoothly in the beautiful Shanghai Dongzhuang Coast Golf Club and Shanghai Linx golf club.

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What are the valves in the petrochemical industry

Demand for petrochemical general valves and special valves in the petrochemical industry petrochemical industry refers to the production of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, lubricating oil, liquefied petroleum gas and other petroleum products with oil and natural gas as raw materials; Using light oil as raw material to produce olefins and aromatics, and then produce synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and various chemical raw materials

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中國經濟新聞網 2014-10-17 14:57:08我國電力行業發展迅猛,電源結構不斷調整,火電優化水平提高,水電開發力度加大,電網建設不斷加強,電力環保成績顯著,電力裝備技術不斷提高.

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Struggle busy time, we grow together—— Kaiyan machinery employees’ birthday party in November

The monthly birthday party is the tradition of Shanghai Kaiyan machinery. It is a simple and warm collective birthday party, which is the affirmation of the company's long-term hard work.


One click repair 2020 belongs to your cow

One click repair 2020 belongs to you, Taurus Primula, send off 2020 under the haze of the epidemic and usher in a new 2021.


Conform to the world Change wins the future

Adapt to the world, change and win the future ----- And the 2019 year-end summary meeting of Kaiyan machinery. The north wind can't stop the pace of spring. 2019 has waved goodbye to us; Ice and snow can't seal the enthusiasm of youth. 2020 is rolling with the spring tide! January 11, 2020


In the golden autumn, great achievements are made and colleagues gather to enjoy success

In autumn and September, in this season of sweet osmanthus, the company organizes everyone to share the joy of harvest. Sha Yong, sales director of Kaiyan machinery, took the lead in completing the annual sales target. Mr. Sha Yong has joined Kaiyan machinery sales team for 13 years. As a senior sales, his performance has been far ahead. His warm charm, sincere smile and passionate fighting spirit infected everyone. He set a good example for Kaiyan machinery team with solid steps and persistent faith.


Innovation requires responsibility; Responsibility, promotion methods

In order to enhance staff cohesion and show team vitality, Shanghai Kaiyan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. carried out a three-day 2018 team building activity in Moganshan scenic spot from June 8 to 10, 2018.


Kaiyan machinery sets off an upsurge of national learning

At present, the state calls on and encourages leading cadres to learn how to improve all aspects of knowledge literacy for enterprises and individuals in the highly competitive market economy environment? We need to learn and are learning. Recently, the company is setting off a learning upsurge. In addition to equal and diversified expertise every Wednesday


The 2017 youth league construction activity of Shanghai Kaiyan ended perfectly

In the hot summer of early June, despite the scorching sun, it still failed to stop the progress of the whole team of Shanghai Kaiyan. At nine o'clock on the morning of June 17, when most people were still enjoying a rare weekend nap, Shanghai Kaiyan was already ready to start the journey of team expansion activities this year - Xiangmei


Ready to go and paint wonderful — Kaiyan 2017 orientation party

With the passage of time and the change of years, the busy 2016 has passed in the twinkling of an eye, and the expected 2017 is coming to us. The new year carries new hope and writes a new chapter in the new year. The 2017 Spring Festival Gala and commendation meeting of Shanghai Kaiyan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. was held at Kempinski Hotel, Lujiazui, Shanghai on January 14

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